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About Cumming Georgia Martial Arts for Kids and Adults

Are you ready to release all your stress and completely detox your body? Do you want to have a more balanced and healthy life?

Tai Chi is the answer. Where ever you are in your life, old or young, fit or a little over weight, this class is for you! With unlimited health benefits this gentle ancient art of China will reduce your stress and improve your mind, body and spirit.

What is it?

Tai Chi uses a series of postures to tenderly stretch your body and increase your physical exercise. This art is preformed at a self-paced, noncompetitive rate. Your body will be in continual movement, postures flowing into the next without pause. Originating in China for self-defense, you will use this exercise to gracefully reduce your stress and to actively promote better health.

Who Can Do Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is gentle enough that it is made for everyone. Because it is such a low impact sport many older adults practice it regularly. Tai Chi emphasizes proper technique over strength and performance.

Total Body Classes Offered Include:

Tai Chi – Having complete control over your breathing and increase your energy levels with this slow moving meditation. You will improve overall balance, maintain grace, and exhibit poise.

Qi Gong – Stimulate your inner healing powers and balance your organs with this ancient technique.

Zen Yoga Stretching – Promote better energy flow along Ki Meridians and increase your circulation while focusing your mind.

Meditation – Claim your mind and spirit to help yourself relax, reduce stress and be a more compassionate person.

What you can expect from your Tai Chi experience:

Healthier Body:
Strengthen Your Muscles
Increase Flexibility
Maintain or Reduce Weight
Relieve Chronic Constant Pain
More Restful Nights
Clear and Better Immune System
Regain Physical Power

Healthy Mind:
Emotional Rest & Peace
Remove Stress Permanently
Balance & Center Your Life
Dissipate Depression & Anxiety Forever
Improve Focus & Concentration

Healthy Spirit:
Renew Spiritual Energy
Improve Self-Esteem
Experience True Joy & Happiness
Witness Better Personal Relationships
Harbor Inner Peace

Tai Chi
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