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Martial Arts Birthday Parties for Kids in Cumming Georgia
Cumming Georgia Martial Arts for Kids and Adults

Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Cumming and Johns Creek, Georgia also serving Buford, Alpharetta and Sugar Hill.

We welcome you and your family to join us for our exciting fitness and self-defense programs. We offer new opportunities in Karate Classes for Self-Defense & Fitness. At Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Academy of Cumming and Johns Creek, the finest in Karate Academy for martial arts training is available. Highly trained professionals, dedicated to quick and efficient student learning, fun classes, and the best overall experience wait for you! As a bonus – you will gain discipline, patience, body awareness, self-respect, self-confidence, and a love of learning. Your energy level will grow as your body strengthens. You will be seen as a person in Control, Fearless, and a Protector everywhere you go!

Why will YOU love learning at Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Academy?

A+ Martial Arts Training, Bare-handed Self-Defense, & Outrageous Fitness

Choe’s Martial Arts Curriculum is designed for a wide range of ages’ & individual abilities. We schedule classes for men, women, teens, boys and girls, separated by age, and fitness levels. Separating lessons by skill levels allows students to receive the maximum benefit possible in the shortest amount of time. Each of our professional instructors’ train: one-on-one, as a team, and in groups to allow students to reach their personal martial arts, and physical fitness goals.

Look at the class choices we offer!

  • Tai Chi – Low impact stretching, exercising and strenghtening
  • HapKiDo for Kids and Adults
  • Self-Defense Classes for all ages
  • The ULTIMATE Fitness Kickboxing Program
  • HapKiDo MMA for the fighter in all of us
  • Unique and Exciting Kids Karate Birthday Parties
  • Bully Prevention Seminars
  • Children’s Safety Workshops

Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Cumming and Johns Creek offers SOMETHING for EVERYONE!

“Choe’s HapKiDo has been great for my kids!  I have a 5 year old boy and a 9 year old girl, and they both have a blast every time they go to class.  Tommy loves learning the awesome moves, and Gabby really enjoys learning how to “be tough” as she says.  What I love is that my kids are having a good time and they always beg me to go to class, and when they are there they learn great life skills that help them in school and at home.” - Allison LeBlanc

“Has changed my life!  My daughter had a serious attitude problem and was getting in trouble in school.  She would never do her work without a 20 minute argument, and she back talked constantly.  I enrolled her in a program at Choe’s HapKiDo to help with this because I had heard that out of all the schools in the area this school specifically was good at teaching respect and discipline.  I watched a class and all the kids were focused, and most importantly respectful.  I decided that I was going to enroll Katrina in the program and I would force her to go and learn respect.  To my pleasant surprise I have yet to have to “force” her to go to one class, and she has been training there for almost 6 months now.  She loves going to class, and the change in her is amazing!  It has literally changed my life, she is respectful and disciplined at home and at school.  We are a much happier family now!” - -Candice O’Conner

The Journey to Black Belt is as Rewarding as it is Fun!

Although your physical skills, health, endurance and strength will soar at Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Cumming and Johns Creek, this is only the beginning.  As you start looking better, you will begin to feel more self-confident and happier. Others will notice that you have improved mentally, physically, and emotionally. You will become the IN-CONTROL PERSON you always wanted to be!

Our Staff of Instructors will have your Respect and Admiration!

We all know that the best instructors provide the best instruction.  Here at Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Cumming and Johns Creek we understand this concept and carefully screen and hire only the very best. Every staff member has been professionally trained to teach our entire curriculum. Each employee will focus on how to help you or your children develop physically and mentally. Instructors explain core values like courtesy, patience, respect, self-control, focus, humility, and integrity. You will gain self-discipline, patience, body awareness, self-respect, self-confidence, and a love of learning. Martial Arts is much more than a sport -  Martial Arts is a whole new positive and rewarding way of life.

HapKiDo translates to “The Art of Coordinated Power.” HapKiDo students are taught techniques to apply and use their minds to guide their body actions. The reason that Martial Arts Masters are so respected is because they can “turn on power” in a controlled manner. Additionally, they become leaders outside our center and improve society one Black Belt at a time!

Getting a Black Belt does not occur in a day. However, you will see a big difference after only your first month of classes you will begin to notice the new and improved version of yourself begin to emerge. “I did it!” is a phrase instructors often hear. Others recant, “WOW! I never thought I’d do that!”  right after they try a new technique or kick. Bring your family along and see for yourself the difference training here at Choe’s Hapkido can make in the lives of your entire family.

You Read This Far Because You Want to Change Your Whole Life!

We have made it easy to make the best decision of your life. Call now and make an appointment for our Quick Start Trial Program! You already know that Martial Arts training here at Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Cumming and Johns Creek is the right next step for you and your family! Whatever your dreams, YOU can do it, and WE can help!

Take out that cell phone NOW and call 678-513-5436 to take your health and well being to the next level. We at Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Cumming and Johns Creek, are ready to answer your call right now!

Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy
1614 Peachtree Parkway –
Cumming,  Suwanee, Johns Creek,
Buford, Alpharetta & Sugar Hill, Georgia.
678 –513- 5436

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